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About Me

Are you a health or lifestyle coach?

- No, I am just pastry chef who dreams for being able to provide baked goods for all.

Do you Teach the PlantLab Pastry Courses? If I signed up for the classes can I get the materials from you?

- I do not teach at this time.

-No, I am not able to proved the course materials from Plant Lab in doing so I am liable for legal measures to be pressed upon myself.

Are you a vegan? I only support vegan businesses.

- No, I have never felt comfortable identifying as a “Vegan” I try to live a plant based lifestyle as mjuch as possible tho. But I enjoy expericneing other cultures through food. Please do enjoy any of the recipes you find in my blog.

Are you gluten free?

-No, again I am trying to provide a product that I stand behind whether it is gluten free or not. I do enjoy a lot of gluten free items and aim to improve upon the ones I do not. I also do not use bleached white flour, if I going to eat wheat I mine as well try to get some nutrients from it.

Where does your inspiration come from?

- My insperation comes from many sources. I am half Sicilian and half Mexican. I personally do not know a lot about my either of my cultures so I try to gain more knowledge through the food. I am not an expert on either one of these cuisines but a lot of insperation comes from them. I fell in love with Vietmanese cuisine when I was in middle/ high school, my best friends mom was from Vietam and I remember many summers hanging out with Tan and Mom cooking, eating out, and exploring restaurants in northern Califorina together. And lastly I would say what is locally around me, I know everyone is about farm to table cuisine. But actually growing up on a farm where it’s not a trend and it your life has a lasting impact. My family lost their farm, so I try to support other local farms as much as I possible can so that it hopefully doesn’t happen to them.


About the blog/bar review

Do you get paid to feature these bars?

-No, not at this time. If you would like to sponsor a post or have me feature your chocolate/ ingredient in post please email me at Jeremy@positivelysweet.com

Why these bars, why not this bar?

-These are ones I have found near me or while traveling. Some of the Makers I have met and think everyone should know about them, some of them I just admire, and more often than not I saw their bar and thought the packaging was cool, so I bought it. If you have a bar you think I would enjoy or just want me to review please send it my way.

Do you plan to write a book?

-Hell yeah!, my goal is to have a ebook by the end of 2019 and hopefully have a book book by the end of 2021 (cook books are expensive to produce, have you ever looked into hiring a photographer, OMG! it’s crazy. Let’s dream big and take practicle steps forward.) I will have a kickstarter, look out for more details.

Why are your recipes in grams?

-The short answer; I like grams and I wont apologize for it. The long answer; There are a few factors in why I use gram, One of them is coming from a restaurant background it is easier to increase or decrease a recipe size if it is in grams. Second, I am sorry but I really dislike when I do the math for a recipe and it ends up to be 1 cup plus 1/3 cup plus 1 teaspoon. I just had to make three dishes dirty to measure out one ingredient and once I have done the math to figure this out I feel like I need to double check it just to make sure, this takes time. Time I don’t want to spend measuring thing out or doing long math equations, I just want to eat what I am making, ASAP! In my blog dreams my recipes are read in other countries and everyone can get a scale, but let me tell you, it is difficult to get U.S. measuring cups in other parts of world.Why not make it easy for everyone and use grams. Lastly accuracy, my cup of flour might way more or less than your cup of flour, baking already has so many factors that can alter the out come, let’s minimize a huge factor and measure ingredients accuratly every time, weigh them in grams.

My rant is over, steps off soap box.

can I just use a Gluten free mix?

-You can try it. Please let me know if it works. I don’t use pre-made mixes, again because in my blog dreams my recipes are read outside of the U.S.. It’s not easy to find GF mixes made in U.S. out of the U.S. and if you can they are usually pricy.

Can I just add up all the amounts of the gluten free ingredients and replace it with wheat flour?

-No. Commonly flour replacers absorb liquids differently than tradional wheat flour. Some of the ingredients play multiple rolls like almond meal is a common GF replacer but it has more moisture and fat in it than wheat flour and doesn’t absorb as much liquid, but swapping it with wheat flour 1-1 the products texture will greatly vary. If you have specific questions about a recipe in my blog please send an email, chances are I have a version that is not GF.

What is Mylk?

-It’s honestly a habit at this point. Working for a plant based company they preferred a different spelling for milk because Mylk doesn’t come from an animal. Depending when you read this there might even be an official ruling on how milk is defined. Also almond juice doesn’t sound as appittiseing to me as Almond Mylk.

Can you de-gluten/make a plant based verison of______?

Possibly, send me email an I can try and fit it into my blog rotation. If not I might be able to give you some basic pointers on how to do so.



About products +shipping

Are your products certified organic, raw, gluten free, etc ?

-No. I try and use as much organic certified products as possible but I also know how expenise it is for farmers to be certified. For me as long as they are practicing ethical growing practaces that matters more to me than knowing they can afford a piece of paper. I make a varety of inclusion not all of them are gluten free and I work in a shared space. I can not garentee that a spatual I am using has not come in contact with wheat before. I do wash and sanitize all equipment before use and set up a seperate station for gluten free items, bake them in there own oven, and have days dedicated to just gluten free projects. Raw is such a load topic, If you would like a raw product please contact me and we can work on creating a product that you find suitable for yourself/ guests.

What product(s) do you offer?

-At this time I offer a monthly micro batch chocolate bar subscription. You can choose 1,3,6, or 12 month subscriptions. Some bars are available for sale after subscriptions have been sent out. For the holidays I offer bonbons (molded truffles) collections. Again they are limited, once I am out I am out.

How do I place an order?

-Please go to the Store page to place an order or fallow the link.

Will you ever make ____ again?

-Probably not, I am not a huge fan of making the same thing twice and if I do the second version will have a tweak to it. That being said I do take maticulouse notes on every item made. If you would like to order a bar or bonbon that I have made before, chances are I can remake it for you. There will be a minimum order required. Please contact me for exact amounts and pricing.

Do you wholesale?

-No. I do direct sale only.

Where can I find your products?

- Only on this website. Please fallow me on Instagram to see what’s up next.

Where is my order?

-That’s a great question. If you have not received your order and it is the 20th Please contact me immediately and I will hunt down your bars.

What is your shipping procedure?

-All orders are shipped at the same time on the 10th of each month and should be to you no later than the 17th of that same month. All orders are shipped via USPS unless otherwise stated on your email recite. If you have deleted the email with your tracking number please contact me and I will get it to you.

Do you ship internationally?

-Yes, Before I process your order I will send you the total amount and you can decide if you still want to proceed. Also it’s chocolate it can melt, If you decide to want it shipped internationally you are aware that I do not control the weather and that I will do all that I can possible to keep it from melting. But I am one person and again I do not control weather, heaters, and packages left in the sun on you porch.


Can I create my own chocolate bar?

Yes you can! There will be a minimum order required and prices will vary on ingredients and labor please contact me for more details.

How long do custom orders take?

It really depends on how easy it is to source the ingredients needed and how many. Roughly I’d say 3-6 weeks after bar design is finalized.

What If I want to make a bacon chocolate bar?

I will politely say I don’t think I am the business for you. But thank you for thinking of me and if you have any meat free products in the future please consider me again.

About services+ custom orders

Will you cater my event?

No, I am not set up for catering. You can order bonbons, bars, or a cake (local only) for your event.

Do you offer classes or workshops?

At this time I do not.

Will you make my wedding/special occasion cake?

Of course, I love weddings!!!! Cake minimums start at $500 if you would like more information please contact me.

Do you only work with near by businesses?

No, I am happy to travel to you. To get more information/quote please contact me.





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