Brown Butter Graham Cake

Brown Butter Graham Cake

Yields 16 35g mini cakes or 1 6in cake


70g (¾ c) natural almond flour

70g (⅓ c + 1T) graham flour

2g (½ t) baking powder

2g (¼ t) salt

⅛ t ground allspice

Pinch ground clove

80g (⅓ c) coconut sugar

5g (1t) vanilla extract

150g (3 ea) eggs

40g (2T, heaping) apple sauce

150g ( 10T/ 1 stick + 2T) unsalted butter

1 pear, cored and sliced to ⅛ (2-3 mm) inch thick

3T spiced whiskey or rum

Powdered sugar


In a medium bowl sift together the first 6 ingredients, set aside

In a large bowl whisk together the next 4 ingredients, set aside

In a medium heavy bottom pot place butter and cook on medium heat until fully melted.

Turn up the heat to med-high and allow butter to turn to a gold brown color, stir occasionally. (The butter is going to expand quite a bit, use a pot larger than you would normally to just melt butter. This will save you time cleaning your stove or possibly creating a grease fire.)

Once the butter has become golden and smells of toasted nuts it is ready to add into the egg mixture.

Whisk butter in 2-3 additions, make sure to scrape up all the toasty bits off the bottom of the pan, they have a lot of flavor.

With a rubber spatula fold in the dry ingredients until fully incorporated.

Fill  lightly greased tins, ⅔ rds of the way full and top with a pear slice

Bake at 330ºF 6 minutes rotate 6 minutes allow to cool in mold before trying to release (I usually make the day before a freeze if using a flexi mold)

Once out of the molds brush with whisky and dust with powdered sugar (optional)