Pecan Tart

Gluten Free Vegan Pecan Tart

Yield 1- 10" x 1" tart  10-12 servings


35g cornstarch (can substitute arrowroot)

20g tapioca starch

40g cornmeal, medium course 

50g cassava flour 

80g gf oats ground (can use oat flour, may need to in crease the water)

2g salt 

30g coconut sugar 


75g cold coconut oil 

90g cold water 


Preheat oven to 350ºF (175ºC)

In a medium bowl combine all dry ingredients throughly 

Using a pastry cutter, cut frozen coconut oil into the dry ingredients. Until the oil is about pea size. (you can also use a food processor if you have one)

Add in most of the cold water and mix to combine. If dough seems dry use the remaining water. 

Once dough has formed chill for 5-10 minutes. 

Remove 40g of dough from the block,  with the remainder crumble over the tart pan, starting with the sides; press the dough firmly to the sides and work your way into the center. 

Dock the crust with a fork 6-8 times 

Place on a half sheet pan and par bake the crust for 10-12 minutes, the crust should have set but not started to brown yet.  


25g ground flaxseeds

80g water 


10g vanilla extract 

10g molasses 

155g maple syrup 

100g coconut sugar 

100g brown sugar 

3g salt 

250g apple sauce 

30g cornstarch 


200g pecans 


Preheat oven to 325ºF (160ºC)

In a medium bowl combine flax and water, allow to sit for 5 minutes 

After the 5 minutes add the remaining ingredients except the pecans, mix throughly. 

(If there are any cracks in your tart shell use the remaining dough to fill in any gaps.) 

Place pecans over the par-baked tart shell (make sure to keep the tart pan on the half sheet pan)

There are two options for the next step

  1. Fill your tart and carefully  place it in the oven without spilling the batter 

  2. Or pour the batter in a pitcher, place your tart in the oven most of the way and fill the tart shell in the oven. Then gently slide the pan the rest of the way. 

Bake the tart for 35-45 minutes. the filling should feel set, no wobble in the middle. 

Allow to cool slightly before slicing 


For the photo I used a little rum simple syrup to make the top glossy and more inviting. 

1:1:1 Sugar: water: rum bring to a bowl and you're ready to use.